No Gym and No Time Workout

The “No-Gym & No-Time” Workout!

No Gym and No Time Workout


I was away for the weekend recently that unexpectedly had no gym access! The gym was comprised of just an exercise bike and treadmill! I think at some point, we’ve all had a similar experience whether it was with a lousy gym at a hotel or camping! So what to do in those kinds of situations?


The best bet is to have your plan centred on what you KNOW that you’ll have. Then anything extra, like dumbbells or maybe even a squatrack, will just be an added bonus. If you’re travelling around frequently then it’s well worth investing in some light-weight exercise equipment like resistance-bands or a suspension trainer. However, for those long weekends or family visits sometimes you just have to make-do with zero-equipment!


The idea behind this workout is to put you through a few minutes of hell to keep to ticking over whilst you’re away. Since it’s a short and intense workout it makes it even more convenient if you’re on holiday and you would prefer to spend as much time on other activities. I still recommend planning in your workouts at set times for the day. Usually, the least conflicting with a schedule would be straight away in the morning or right before a shower!


The workout is broken into 3 supersets. So you’ll complete all of the sets for one superset before moving onto the next. For example you’ll do A1, A2, A3 then rest and repeat for a total of 3 sets. Then continue and do the same for superset B and C. If you’re doing 3 sets for everything then it should take less than 30minutes to complete. But if you have more time to spare, then go for a 4th! Similarly if you only have 20minutes to spare before getting in a shower, then make 2 sets your goal. You’ll feel better for it in the long-run rather than ignoring your workouts!


Workout Sheet posted below:

Workout Sheet

Links to video demonstrations of the exercises are posted here:

A1 Spiderman Push-up

A2 Squat Jump

A3 Bicycle Crunch

B1 Burpees

B2 Lunge Jump

B3 Plank

C1 Mountain Climbers

C2 Bulgarian Squat

C3 Double Crunch


As with all zero-equipment workouts, the most neglected body-part is going to be the back! If you can manage to get a suspension-trainer, rubber bands or just find something to pull-up on then it’ll go a long way! There are tonnes of workouts based solely on those pieces of equipment which can come in handy when travelling.


So next time that you suspect you might be caught without a gym – print out the workout sheet and get to work!