Client Spotlight: Go Vegan Tees

by forest Crosbie









Here at Vegan Muscle and Fitness, we’re all about helping to create more fit plant-based role models to spread the message of compassionate strength. Today I want to highlight the work of just such an individual, my friend and former client Kyle. When I started working with him last summer Kyle was just beginning his journey into veganism, but his commitment to the lifestyle was already evident, and I was immediately struck by his genuine concern for animal welfare and the environment.  Fast forward to this year, and Kyle has become so deeply involved in the vegan movement that he’s even started his own plant-based business, Go Vegan Tees. In a recent interview with Fashionable Vegans, Kyle described his concept of “wearing your voice,” and how it can be a powerful means of raising awareness. We’re honored to help represent this up-and-coming vegan clothing brand, and if you too would like to become an ambassador for change you can check out their full catalog of awesome designs by following the link above. Keep up the good work Kyle, you’ve done us proud!