Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine!

Did you know that there is now a health and fitness magazine geared specifically toward plant-based health?? The summer issue of  Vegan Health & Fitness magazine is now available at retailers like Whole Foods across the country, or you can order a year’s subscription to this quarterly magazine online at for just $10!

We’re featured in this issue, which includes articles on a wide variety of topics and features vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke and Dr. Fuhrman as well!




5 thoughts on “Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine!”

  1. I have tried several time to figure out how to subscribe to Vegan Health and Fitness publication, but it is not at all clear from this website how to do that.
    I bought two different copies at the local Whole Foods Market and thought it would be fun to get a subscription. You gotta make it easy.

  2. I was featured in your summer magazine. Under model search. I have renewed my subscription for another two yrs. I purchased 5 magazines from you. But I would like to purchase some more. Can I get a discount? I don’t have any stores in this area that sell your magazine, I live in a very small town. I would appreciate it. Thank you, Kim

    1. We have the summer issue at our studio – gotta take a look at that! We can’t claim credit for putting out the magazine, that’s all our friend Brenda’s doing! We just write articles for it sometimes.

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