Posing with staff for the Meatless Monday kickoff celebration at a local high school!

Prehab and Rehab Class

We’ve just returned from another great Vegetarian Summerfest – thank you to everyone who attended our presentations! Our most popular class is always Prehab and Rehab, and we think it’s wonderful that so many are interested in incorporating this simple routine into their weekly (or daily) fitness to improve posture and range of motion and to prevent injury. These exercises, when done consistently, will give any other training you’re doing a big boost and can correct existing chronic conditions like low back pain by correcting imbalances in your body.

We’ve promised to list the routine with video links, and I’ll be adding those as I dig them up from our Youtube channel. Additionally, the Holistic Holiday at Sea has a DVD of this class that we taught on the 2016 cruise, for $20 (we get no compensation for selling the DVDs, but if you’re looking for an actual class to follow along with it may be the better option). For DIY types, we offer the outline of the class below – use it in good health!


Dynamic stretching warmup (Youtube)

    • Hip sway
    • Arm circles/crosses
    • Cat/cow
    • Spiderman lunge
    • Alternating toe touch

Three sets of 8-15 for each of the following strengthening exercises. More is better, so work up to 15!

Legs/Glutes/Hips Strengthening Exercises

    • Squats
    • Good mornings
    • Hip thrusts
    • Clamshells

Shoulders/Upper Body Strengthening Exercises

    • Pull aparts with no band
    • Straight arm plank
    • Water bottle rotators

Core Strengthening Exercises

    • Supported lower back crunch
    • Bird dog
    • Side plank with abduction

Hold each of the following stretches for at least 30 seconds

Legs/Glutes/Hips Stretches

    • Hip flexor stretch
    • Hamstring stretch
    • Quad stretch
    • Pigeon pose

Shoulders/Upper Body Stretches 

    • Standing bicep stretch
    • Forearm stretches
    • Tricep stretch
    • Neck stretch
    • Behind back stretch
    • Modified child’s pose
    • Clock stretch