New Exercise – The Deep Squat Calf Raise!

I’ve invented a new awesome looking exercise! 😂 Our studio doesn’t have the space for single use machines, so I’ve spent plenty of time trying to creatively train my calves (which still won’t grow) and I’ve finally come up with a Soleus exercise worthy of BJ Gaddour! All it requires is that you’re able to hold a deep squat and have something to counterbalance yourself with such as a weight plate, Trx straps or a rack to hold onto.
The beauty of it is deep squats put your soleus into a very stretched position, so much so that tight solei (?) Are a major reason people can’t hit this position. This gives you a great range of motion for the raises, and you’ll actively be improving your mobility in a highly functional position while training Dem calves. If you really focus on getting high and dropping slow they’re killer, plus it’ll hands down be the coolest looking exercise in your gym!

Shout out to Go Vegan Tees for the rad shirt 👌