I’ve Joined Team Clean Machine!



I’m happy to share that I’ve joined Team Clean Machine as a sponsored athlete! Up to this point I’ve intentionally avoided endorsing any supplement companies, but I’ve made the decision to join this one for a couple of reasons:

  • Clean Machine is a by-vegans, for-vegans company, and I’ve come to appreciate that this company is the owner (and long time vegan) Geoff Palmer’s contribution to the vegan movement.
  • While I a heavily in the whole-foods-plant-based camp, I’ve used select supplements almost continually during my bodybuilding career and while I don’t think they are required they do provide an extra edge.
  • Clean Machine’s Products are formulated with no artificial ingredients, and Geoff is very careful to include ingredients that are not only effective, but also have the athlete’s long-term health as a top priority. This is sadly not always the case with other companies.
  • Being on a team of other competitive, vegan natural bodybuilders and being supported by a company who’s mission is to promote veganism to athletes is fantastic motivation for me to compete at my highest ability, and I need extra motivation as much as anyone does.

I’m also happy to share that if you’re looking to stock up on any of Clean Machine’s products, their biggest sale of the year will continue until July 31st, in which you can buy a product or bundle and get another for free. This is a great deal, and if you’d like to take advantage just use the code dtbogo4 at checkout.

I apologize if I come across as spammy, I have faith in this company and am happy to promote it, but maintaining my transparency and integrity are my #1 objective now and always. That’s another reason I’ve mostly stayed away from endorsements, and it’s why I posted the video below to our Youtube channel when I decided to join Clean Machine. If you’d like to hear my thought process, please give it a watch!


That’s about all I have to share for now, but I do want to close by saying that no amount of supplementation will displace proper nutrition or intense, consistent training. If you want to supplement for an extra 5% edge on your by all means do so, but remember that 95% of your results will be dictated by a healthy lifestyle and a strong work ethic, so eat your #beansandgreens for maximum #gainz ! 😉