How To Get Ripped On A Vegan Diet – New Article on Vice!


I’m always excited to get the message out about healthy, sustainable and compassionate bodybuilding and fitness flowing a plant-based diet, so I was very excited to be interviewed by Vice for their recent article ‘How To Get Ripped on A Vegan Diet‘. Plant Based eating has a growing interest as it becomes evermore mainstream, and people who want to know more won’t be disappointed by this article. I love the anti-bias and anti-dogma tone it takes as it lists how you can structure a plant based diet to build muscle and shed fat. The only complaints I have are are that I think it overemphasizes my use of protein powder (suggesting I take three servings a day when it’s more like one), and when it says a vegan diet is no different than an omnivorous one. I would argue this is true for building muscle, but certainly not for long term health. These points aside, I think this is a great article and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Check it out below, and if you like it please share with friends and colleagues!

How To Get Ripped On A Vegan Diet