Healthy, Happy Hips

Ever wonder why your lower back gets tweaked during squats, or why you can’t seem to get low enough? Big compound lifts (and the functional movements of daily life) need strong support from your hips and glutes or your lower back WILL do the work. Protect yourself from injury and increase your power and range of motion during your workouts by including the movements in the following Youtube video in your morning routine or before a workout.

This is the assigned homework for the “Healthy, Happy Hips” class that I teach on the Holistic Holiday at Sea vegan cruise (mention VM&F for $50 credit!) and at Vegetarian Summerfest! Please excuse my dishevelment and the technical difficulties – both Derek and I were plagued with phone memory and freezing issues while trying to film videos during one all-too-brief child-free hour. Naturally, the results are less than stellar but all the information you need to get started is there! P.S. If you’d like to experience the full one-hour class, there is a DVD available here and you can get DVDs of our other classes in the same place!