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Holistic Holiday at Sea Vegan Cruise, March 11 – 18 2017

Holistic Holiday at Sea presents the ultimate gift for your mind, body and spirit. Share the experience and wisdom of some of the world’s leading authorities and experts in holistic living and natural health. Cruise the Eastern Caribbean on one of the world’s premier Italian luxury liners, the MSC Divina, which combines the style and sophistication of Europe with American comforts and convenience. Visit exciting ports of call as we sail from Miami, Florida to natural paradise Charlotte Amalie/St. Thomas, USVI; historic and vibrant San Juan, Puerto Rico; and sun-soaked Nassau, Bahamas. All this and more while you dine on specially prepared vegan natural foods and beverages prepared by our own chefs. Lectures and workshops included. Mention Vegan Muscle & Fitness as referral when booking for a $50 onboard credit!

We’ll be presenting:

Class: Prehab and Rehab: Exercises to Support Pain-Free, Long-Term Fitness
The modern, sedentary lifestyle often puts us in unnatural positions for long periods of time, leading to muscular imbalances and reduced flexibility. In this therapeutic fitness class, Derek Tresize and Marcella Torres will address common weak areas such as the hip and shoulder joints, leading the group in exercises that will strengthen weak muscles and stretch overtight ones. You will walk away from this class with new knowledge and an arsenal of exercises to add to your daily routine that will keep you free of injury and discomfort for years to come!

Class: Good Posture and Flexibility: Fitness that Supports Your Long-Term Vitality
Posture and flexibility are often overlooked in daily fitness. Yet, these key aspects of your health have a far reaching impact. Improving your posture and flexibility will not only improve your exercise performance, decrease your risk of injury, and improve your mood, but it may even reduce your risk of chronic disease! Champion bodybuilder and C.P.T. Derek Tresize will briefly discuss all of the above reasons why posture and flexibility are so vital, then lead the group on posture autoregulation and go through a routine that will increase heart rate and stretch all major muscle groups with both static and dynamic stretching. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Class: Total Body Conditioning
This class will work out your whole body using interval training techniques involving a variety of dynamic calisthenics, agility moves, flexibility, core, balance and more – all designed to tone and make you sweat! Derek and Marcella will lead the group in a light warm up and dynamic stretching routine followed by low-, medium- and high-intensity exercises that will burn calories and stimulate increased metabolic rate. A challenging fitness session with modifications available to suit all ages and fitness levels!

Class: Healthy, Happy, Hips
Hips are one of the major areas where we hold tension in the body, and sitting for long periods can really tighten this area and cause imbalances that lead to chronic discomfort and even injury. Learn hip stabilizing, strengthening, and stretching exercises that you can easily perform as part of your regular fitness routine during this continuous flow of movement to music.

Panel Q&A: Powered by Plants with Vegan Bodybuilding authors/athletes Derek Tresize, Marcella Torres and Robert Cheeke, No Meat Athlete author/runner Matt Frazier and “Fitness Over Fifty” trainer Larry Krug
Do you have questions about what athletes need to fuel their bodies on a plant-based diet? Concerned with getting the right types of carbohydrates to power through your weekend warrior lifestyle, or wonder how much protein you should eat after a tough workout? Learn from athletes who have achieved success in their sports, powered by a pure plant-based diet. From endurance sports like running to weight training and bodybuilding, these four vegan athletes will help you fuel your athletic endeavors for optimal performance.

Erie VegFest, Sep. 24 2016


Hampton Roads VegFest, Nov. 6 2016



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  1. Do you have a base of operations in RVA? I’m a vegan college student who’s having a hard time meeting others (especially other women) who are as interested in health and fitness as I am, and would really appreciate some in-person guidance from experts such as yourself!

    1. Hi Marina! Yes we have our private training studio Root Force Personal Training in Manchester District. What sort of guidance can we help you with?

  2. Will you be running the body building challenge in January? I participated in Jan 2014 and would love to repeat! This time giving myself more attention to complete it!

    1. Hi Catherine! Yep, and we’re planning on rolling out a new 12 week curriculum for returning participants so definitely check in if you’re interested! We plan to launch the third weekend in January.

  3. I’m trying to become lean. I want to be like Brad Pitt ,In Fight Club. Lol or close to it. I’m 6ft Talk.more of a basketball player look. CAN I USE THE SUN WARRIOR PROTEIN TO HVE A LEAN HEALTHY LOOK???. PLEASE RESPOND

    1. Hi Isiah. The look is definitely attainable! Yes, you can use Sunwarrior or another protein supplement, but 99% of your results will come down to your training and nutrition. If you look over our online training options there are many ways we can help!

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