Crispy Tofu “Cutlets” – No Oil Needed!

by Forest Crosbie Today I want to share with you one of my favorite recipes for preparing tofu, which is a staple that I eat almost every day – especially during competition prep. Tofu is a great source of plant protein that is rich in all eight of the essential amino acids, as well as[…]

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Is Flexible Dieting The Best Eating Strategy?

“If you follow popular nutrition trends, you may have heard of the phrase if it fits your macros (IIFYM) or similar terms such as macro tracking or flexible dieting. Contrary to virtually all other dietary fads out there, flexible dieting is about reducing restrictions to get results, rather than removing whole food groups or adhering[…]


Guide to making your New Year’s resolution stick. (It’s not too late!)

by Max Seabrook Almost half of the American population make New Year’s resolutions! But a third of those drop out by February! If you made a new year’s resolution this year then that’s excellent because that means you’ve identified something about yourself that you want to improve on and you’re taking steps towards that change.[…]


How To Get Ripped On A Vegan Diet – New Article on Vice!

I’m always excited to get the message out about healthy, sustainable and compassionate bodybuilding and fitness flowing a plant-based diet, so I was very excited to be interviewed by Vice for their recent article ‘How To Get Ripped on A Vegan Diet‘. Plant Based eating has a growing interest as it becomes evermore mainstream, and[…]


Which supplements should you take when starting fitness?

by Max Seabrook New Year’s resolutions are starting up now that it’s January and many people are starting their fitness journey or weight-loss regime! All is well except there’s an endless stream of fatloss/weightlifting/gym supplements online and at the stores…which ones should you buy?   If you are at the start of your fitness regime[…]

Swiss Chard Roll Ingredients

Stuffed Rainbow Chard Rolls: Perfectly Plant-Based Recipe

Perfect for fall and fancy enough for parties, these beautiful rainbow rolls are a great way to get an abundance of beans and greens! Stuffed Rainbow Chard Rolls plant-based recipe contributed by Danielle Ahart Nelson Ingredients: 1 cup dried French lentils, rinsed well 4 cups vegetable stock 1 fresh bay leaf 4 sprigs fresh thyme[…]


Protein in a Plant-Based Diet: A Vegan Bodybuilder’s Perspective

Like many bloggers, we don’t write all our content in any one place, and over time our audience of readers changes and older content can get forgotten. With this in mind I spent some time this week looking through some of my older articles and came across one published by One Green Planet a couple[…]

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Flax Seeds: Why You Should Eat Them Every Day

  So you may have heard of flax seeds, and even that they’re really good for you, but do you know why you should be eating them? In addition to their high omega-3 fat content, flax seeds pack a nutritional punch that should be part of your daily regimen. In my latest article on the[…]

Running and Caloric Restriction Go Up Against A Plant-Based Diet for Obesity and Cancer Prevention: Three Enter, One Leaves

  Some recent research is supporting the (to us obvious) conclusion that a plant-based diet is superior to other methods of obesity and cancer prevention. Why is this information important? By 2030, over 50% of the US population is expected to be obese, and obesity-attributable disease is projected to rise by 6-8 million cases of diabetes,[…]

Shred It! – Robert Cheeke’s Awesome New Book We’re Featured In!

We are very excited to be featured in Robert Cheeke’s brand new book Shred It! as contributors and examples of plant-based athletes! If you’ve read Robert’s previous book Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness, you know just what a wealth of information and inspiration Robert is. Not only does Robert know and share a tremendous amount of[…]

Men’s Fitness Magazine – Does Meat Matter for Muscle?

I’m very pleased to go head-to-head to defend bodybuilding on a plant-based diet in this month’s issue of Men’s Fitness Magazine! In the article, the question of whether or not you need meat to build muscle is presented, and an expert weighs in for each side. I have a lot to say about why meat[…]

Are Plant Proteins ‘Complete’?

YES One of the next most popular (and frustrating) questions besides “where do you get your protein?” we hear all the time goes something like “Do you have to combine foods at every meal for a complete protein?”. No. No we don’t. And I guarantee you all our ancestors never worried about the source, quality,[…]

Raw ’til 4 Helped My Rheumatoid Arthritis

As someone who’s been vegan for thirteen years, and who’s eaten a whole foods diet for half of that time, I never expected to deal with a chronic disease  at my age (I’m 32). Yet, a few months after my bodybuilding competition in the late summer of last year, I started to feel crappy…then the[…]

Should We Eat Soy Products? by Max Seabrook

As a vegan physique athlete I get asked a lot about the soy products in my diet. It’s high in protein, moderate amount of fat and low in carbs. So a lot of vegan athletes will utilize these macronutrients to fit their eating regime. Personally, I eat about a block of tofu every day.  But[…]

Time to Get Naked!

Naked Food Magazine is the newest plant-based magazine on the scene, and I am honored to be a contributor along with such giants as Dr. T Colin Campbell, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Michael Gerger, and the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine! Naked Food is a magazine focused on spreading information about the benefits of a low-fat, whole-food[…]

Just How Much Protein is Optimal for Gaining Muscle?

The research behind my May article on the dangers of excess protein (and specifically Leucine) consumption really got me thinking, so over the past several weeks I’ve been researching different aspects of protein to see what else I might turn up. The next question I looked to answer was “What’s the least we can take[…]