Should We Eat Soy Products? by Max Seabrook

As a vegan physique athlete I get asked a lot about the soy products in my diet. It’s high in protein, moderate amount of fat and low in carbs. So a lot of vegan athletes will utilize these macronutrients to fit their eating regime. Personally, I eat about a block of tofu every day.  But[…]

Plant-Based Potluck (brownies were involved)

Today was our first Plant-Based Potluck! I made Lentil loaf Mashed cauliflower/millet (stand-in for mashed potatoes!) Creamy golden gravy Kale with walnut sauce Green goddess dressing Raw chocolate walnut brownies Others brought: Fruit trays Salad Fresh local lima beans and corn Salad Moroccan chickpea and artichoke soup Brown rice snaps (oil-free crackers that are the[…]

Easy muscle-building meals – Marcella

Here’s some of our versions of the bodybuilding-style meal that, in the meat-eating world of Flex and Muscle & Fitness and so on, is the ubiquitous chicken, brown rice, and token green vegetable. Every day for lunch we eat one of the following combinations of boringly wholesome food, microwaved so it couldn’t be easier on[…]

Fun Food Facts and a Chili Recipe

Derek’s birthday put some posting on hold (what an attention hog!) but here’s some catchup stuff: Lunch was leftovers with a *special* salad with hearts of palm and also edamame. Usually there are no leftovers when Derek’s around… Anyway, there’s usually steam-in-bag edamame in the frozen section, sometimes already lightly salted as is this Trader[…]

A Rest Day, with Much Feasting on Fruits

Lunch: 1/2 a whole wheat pita stuffed with spinach and lamb’s lettuce, shredded carrot, and 2 pieces of tofurkey lunchmeat. I usually add some avocado slices, but we’d just had some last night. Topped with a small amount of tasty Annie’s Green Garlic dressing. Fortunately, I also brought lots of fruit and some hummus and[…]