Crispy Tofu “Cutlets” – No Oil Needed!

by Forest Crosbie Today I want to share with you one of my favorite recipes for preparing tofu, which is a staple that I eat almost every day – especially during competition prep. Tofu is a great source of plant protein that is rich in all eight of the essential amino acids, as well as[…]

Swiss Chard Roll Ingredients

Stuffed Rainbow Chard Rolls: Perfectly Plant-Based Recipe

Perfect for fall and fancy enough for parties, these beautiful rainbow rolls are a great way to get an abundance of beans and greens! Stuffed Rainbow Chard Rolls plant-based recipe contributed by Danielle Ahart Nelson Ingredients: 1 cup dried French lentils, rinsed well 4 cups vegetable stock 1 fresh bay leaf 4 sprigs fresh thyme[…]

Delicious and Affordable Plant-Based Meals 10 Percent Off!

We have good news for those of you who may be struggling with transitioning to a vegan diet or preparing nutritious plant-based meals during a busy week: Veestro is here! Veestro is a plant-based, vegan meal delivery service that makes healthy organic GMO and preservative-free meals easy for those who are too tired or busy to cook[…]

Raw Cauliflower Tabouli

  Surprisingly filling but very light and summery, this version of tabbouleh replaces the grains with cauliflower and the olive oil with olives. Have this with Hummus and Kale Open-Face Sandwiches for a satisfying summer lunch! One batch makes enough for several days! Raw Cauliflower Tabouli 1 cauliflower 1/2 cup parsley 1/3 cup mint  1 tomato[…]

Outline of a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Part II

Here’s a blueprint of what we eat. You can basically take this list and choose from the different breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and post-workout drinks according to your tastes and cooking skill and create a menu for yourself. W e eat according to this blueprint except for two healthy meals out plus one cheat meal[…]

Outline of a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Part I

So what does a plant-based diet look like in practice? I touched on that a bit in this post by reviewing an example grocery list and what I made with all the food…but I think in general we present a lot information in support of a plant-based diet and a lot of recipes but not[…]


Mujadara with Green Beans and Zucchini This Middle Eastern comfort food is really, really easy to prepare. ESPECIALLY if you live near Trader Joe’s where you can buy pre-cooked lentils (refrigerated produce section) and brown rice (vacuum-packed, grains section) in the exact amounts of the recipe below. That’s what I used, as we had some[…]

Easy muscle-building meals – Marcella

Here’s some of our versions of the bodybuilding-style meal that, in the meat-eating world of Flex and Muscle & Fitness and so on, is the ubiquitous chicken, brown rice, and token green vegetable. Every day for lunch we eat one of the following combinations of boringly wholesome food, microwaved so it couldn’t be easier on[…]