How To Get Ripped On A Vegan Diet – New Article on Vice!

I’m always excited to get the message out about healthy, sustainable and compassionate bodybuilding and fitness flowing a plant-based diet, so I was very excited to be interviewed by Vice for their recent article ‘How To Get Ripped on A Vegan Diet‘. Plant Based eating has a growing interest as it becomes evermore mainstream, and[…]

Gluten-Free Fig Bar Muffins (with a PB&J variation)

One morning we were out of oats and just about everything else that I could make breakfast out of. There was, however, half of a pre-baked sweet potato in the fridge and a frozen banana that I could defrost…and some random bags of whole grain flour. The result: these delicious muffins! The whole-graininess of the[…]

Delicious and Affordable Plant-Based Meals 10 Percent Off!

We have good news for those of you who may be struggling with transitioning to a vegan diet or preparing nutritious plant-based meals during a busy week:┬áVeestro is here!┬áVeestro is a plant-based, vegan meal delivery service that makes healthy organic GMO and preservative-free meals easy for those who are too tired or busy to cook[…]

Ethiopian Tofu Scramble

Deliciously spiced without being “spicy”, this is my absolute favorite tofu scramble version yet. Our almost two-year-old ate four plates of it this morning murmuring “good”, “very good”, and “tasty” appreciatively all the while! The injera, which is a spongy flatbread made from the teff grain (usually – some Ethiopian restaurants use wheat flour too)[…]

Outline of a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Part II

Here’s a blueprint of what we eat. You can basically take this list and choose from the different breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and post-workout drinks according to your tastes and cooking skill and create a menu for yourself. W e eat according to this blueprint except for two healthy meals out plus one cheat meal[…]

Outline of a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Part I

So what does a plant-based diet look like in practice? I touched on that a bit in this post by reviewing an example grocery list and what I made with all the food…but I think in general we present a lot information in support of a plant-based diet and a lot of recipes but not[…]

Omelets! – Marcella

Authentically “eggy” and rich, accomplished with tofu, chickpea flour, and black salt. The last two ingredients are really what give it the egg-like taste and texture. It’s genius – this recipe, very slightly modified, is one of many awesome recipes in the cookbook Vegan Brunch: Homestyle Recipes Worth Waking Up For-From Asparagus Omelets to Pumpkin[…]