Crustless Low Fat Pumpkin Pie

Pie crust, although delicious, is often what turns an otherwise healthy fruit pie into a gut bomb of fat. This is the most recent update to a pumpkin pie recipe I’ve been sharing here for years – so far, it’s been the firmest, most delicious incarnation of all! And the best part is that it’s[…]


My Pro Debut at the WNBF Pro Universe!

We’ve just returned from a trip to Manhattan NY where I competed in my debut Pro Men’s Physique Contest! It was a short and busy trip, and there was stiff competition so I’m very happy to share that I placed 2nd! I was the only vegan competitor to my knowledge out of 108 athletes, so[…]

This guy made me feel tiny!

6 Weeks Out From My Pro Debut at the WNBF Pro Universe!

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a progress update! I’ve been training consistently, but my training has changed dramatically over the last 6 months. Ever since shortly after my Men’s Bodybuilding victory in 2013 with Team Plantbuilt I’ve had multiple injuries to work around, which is why I changed to Men’s Physique in 2014[…]

How We Met

Warning: this has only a little bit to do with veganism. It’s just a fun human interest Valentine’s Day story, I suppose! If you like mmorpgs and surprise romantic endings, then you will find it amusing – otherwise the jargon might put you to sleep! Vegan Muscle and Fitness began as a twinkle in our[…]

Vegan Cruise Highlights, Our Talent Show Performances, and a Special Announcement

Our second year on board the MSC Poesia, the Italian cruise ship that hosts the Holistic Holiday at Sea vegan vacation, did not disappoint. Some highlights, both fun and educational, were: Vegan ice cream, pizza, or “milk” and cookies parties every night. Since Miles was with us, they generally involved us taking turns to run up[…]

Exciting News!

Hey Everyone! We’re rolling out all kinds of stuff now that our son Miles is old enough to be (briefly) babysat by the grandparents – including a Personal Training Kickstart package (a month of online training, with an initial consult, food journal evaluation, and fitness routine), an official VM&F Resource Guide with sample meal plans,[…]

Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine!

Did you know that there is now a health and fitness magazine geared specifically toward plant-based health?? The summer issue of  Vegan Health & Fitness magazine is now available at retailers like Whole Foods across the country, or you can order a year’s subscription to this quarterly magazine online at for just $10! We’re featured[…]

The Protein Question

Check out Derek’s recent article for One Green Planet, Protein in a Plant-Based Diet: A Vegan Bodybuilder’s Perspective! We’ve taken a bit of a break from posting (and pretty much everything else)  following the birth of our son Miles a month ago. Originally I envisioned us catching up on things like that as our baby[…]

2 Weeks Out!

The OCB Body Sculpt Open is only 2 weeks away! I can’t believe time has gone by so fast! We’ve both been extremely busy with work, personal endeavors (contest prep/belly dancing), and preparing for the new addition to the family (6 weeks out for that!) and it feels like every day has about 5 too[…]