Protein in a Plant-Based Diet: A Vegan Bodybuilder’s Perspective

Like many bloggers, we don’t write all our content in any one place, and over time our audience of readers changes and older content can get forgotten. With this in mind I spent some time this week looking through some of my older articles and came across one published by One Green Planet a couple[…]

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Flax Seeds: Why You Should Eat Them Every Day

  So you may have heard of flax seeds, and even that they’re really good for you, but do you know why you should be eating them? In addition to their high omega-3 fat content, flax seeds pack a nutritional punch that should be part of your daily regimen. In my latest article on the[…]

Running and Caloric Restriction Go Up Against A Plant-Based Diet for Obesity and Cancer Prevention: Three Enter, One Leaves

  Some recent research is supporting the (to us obvious) conclusion that a plant-based diet is superior to other methods of obesity and cancer prevention. Why is this information important? By 2030, over 50% of the US population is expected to be obese, and obesity-attributable disease is projected to rise by 6-8 million cases of diabetes,[…]

Animal Agriculture Update – FDA Bans Antibiotics in Meat!

I recently posted on many of the ways which modern animal farming practices put the public at risk (see Here) for things like flu epidemics and antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. A (hopefully) major breakthrough occurred last month, when the FDA implemented a new policy banning antibiotic use in the meat industry without a prescription. Current[…]

So What’s Wrong with Salmon Anyway?

What is the big problem with salmon, or any fish? It has lean protein and omega 3’s right? And ‘fish probably don’t even feel pain’! I was a fisherman for most of my youth before becoming vegan, so I’ll leave the ethical dilemma of fish alone for now after pointing out that they have nervous[…]