Crustless Low Fat Pumpkin Pie

Pie crust, although delicious, is often what turns an otherwise healthy fruit pie into a gut bomb of fat. This is the most recent update to a pumpkin pie recipe I’ve been sharing here for years – so far, it’s been the firmest, most delicious incarnation of all! And the best part is that it’s[…]

Vegan Banana Ice Cream

Banana Ice Cream

We eat banana ice cream every singe day, for real! There are some special occasion ice creams shown in my little meme up there: sweet potato-banana with Ricemallow fluff and pecans, rocky road with vegan marshmallows and chopped dark chocolate almonds, strawberry with fresh strawberries a date-cashew topped whole wheat, fat-free cupcake, and mint chocolate[…]

Gluten-Free Fig Bar Muffins (with a PB&J variation)

One morning we were out of oats and just about everything else that I could make breakfast out of. There was, however, half of a pre-baked sweet potato in the fridge and a frozen banana that I could defrost…and some random bags of whole grain flour. The result: these delicious muffins! The whole-graininess of the[…]

Plant-Based Potluck (brownies were involved)

Today was our first Plant-Based Potluck! I made Lentil loaf Mashed cauliflower/millet (stand-in for mashed potatoes!) Creamy golden gravy Kale with walnut sauce Green goddess dressing Raw chocolate walnut brownies Others brought: Fruit trays Salad Fresh local lima beans and corn Salad Moroccan chickpea and artichoke soup Brown rice snaps (oil-free crackers that are the[…]

Planeat @ Crossroads Was a Success!

  How awesome: we had a full house at Crossroads Coffee last night for our screening of Planeat, a documentary exploring plant-based nutrition and the environmental impact of our dietary choices!! Events like this make all of our efforts so worthwhile…I will never believe that people are fundamentally unwilling to change their habits when given[…]

Carrot Cake

Yup, CAKE. I rarely post on desserts – hence the fact that I initially haven’t bothered assigning them a category or a spot in the recipe index. But, that may be about to change since this is the third tasty dessert sans refined sugar that I’ve come up with or modified from another recipe…and most[…]

Thanksgiving Foodstuffs – Marcella

I spent aalll day cooking yesterday: Clockwise from top left: Green Bean Casserole, Whole Wheat and Teff Chive Mini-Biscuits, Crustless Pumpkin Pie, Potato-Spinach Crustless Knishes, Roasted Root Vegetables, and Gardein Stuffed Turkey Roasts (which I did not make, of course). The green bean casserole is an old standby that I make every year in a[…]