Part TWO of my series on vegan pregnancy and raising vegan children is up at the website of our sponsor, Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness!

This is fitting, because our little man just turned two.

Vegan Birthday

Derek proudly brandishes the birthday feast centerpiece!

I am fortunate that I haven’t had to deal with a lot of skepticism about my vegan pregnancy, or how Miles would fare…as many vegan parents unfortunately do on a daily basis . It could be because we have a lot of credibility in this area, or simply because people are afraid of me. Sometimes it pays to have resting b**** face!

This is me having fun.

This is me having fun.

Miles speaks for the diet, without a word, although he certainly has no shortage of them. His glowing health, empathy, and incredible intelligence have parents and teachers asking me what we do that’s different. We don’t like to talk about how wonderful he is except to each other because, well, obviously it’s arrogant, potentially boring for other people, ¬†and also many of the things he says and does are just unbelievable. People would think we’re nuts. This is a guy who talked at 8 months, had a several hundred word vocabulary by 12 months, was on to sentences at 14 months and is now on to long dialogues complete with multiple voices, names, and imaginary situations and conversations with adults in which he is always surprising us with his insights. He was potty trained at 18 months, could sing all the lyrics of “Radioactive” which was his favorite song, and could tell you, unprompted, that a diplodocus was the longest dinosaur at 21 months. And, no, we definitely didn’t drill this guy in any way – I’m incredibly anti-rote-drilling for any age – he’s just insatiable. He wears us out. I’m pretty sure he fills every fruit-fueled second of his life with learning, and I’d bet it’s partly because he isn’t wasting valuable time burdened with trying to digest the “food” that most children can barely tolerate without constantly getting sick.

Miles also went to his first check-up in around 6 months (we tend to forget to bring him in because he has no health issues) and he is 53rd percentile in weight, 77th in height, and 85th in head size so he doesn’t seem to be having any problems growing on a whole foods plant-based diet. His doctor told us not to bother bringing him in for his 2 1/2 year developmental checkup since he was already far beyond the usual measures of progress for that age, at 2 years. Again, he’s never been exposed to an animal product in his life, since conception, and the only supplements he’s ever received are some vitamin D during the winter and B12 that I’ve started giving him as he nurses less.

The details, including how we transitioned him to eating solid foods, what he eats, and more are in the article – CHECK IT OUT!


Here’s a video of Miles at 20 months, healthy and voluble as could be! (I know, wrong screen orientation…it’s hard to remember when you’re frantically capturing parenting moments).